Assisted Living Facility Management Software

ALF 365

ALF 365 is an all-in-one system that allows operational staff, medical, and care staff to record their actions towards the residents. Data collected helps evaluate inefficiencies and promote positive changes to improve on the service and well being of residents.

The application is built to help the owner of an elders facility in monitoring the day to day operation of his staff the nurses and assistants. ALF clients and managers will be able to view all requests by a resident and then see meaningful reports to compare staff to others. The app also will allow the staff to login through the mobile app and record when they visit a resident what service they have done for the resident and some comments around it.

Capture Activities About Residents

This application captures the day to day services that staff do for residents in an assisted living facility. The data gathered is used to discover insights about staff and residents and run the business more efficiently.

Full Analytics Dashboard

Admin can filter by resident or staff and view metrics like the total time spent on specify activities or review the mood patterns associated with different staff members.

Technologies Used

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