Mood Tracking Mobile App

Feel Better - Mood Mover

A mood tracker that helps you to motivate , encourage & understand yourself. Feel Better prioritizes your goals and makes your dreams reachable.

Feel Better allows the users to register their feelings in multi feel better sessions, it acts like a friendly AI application to track your emotions, and reminds you to privatize your goals. The app is powered by a hybrid application development framework which makes development easier across different platforms.

Feel Better when you want

Feel Better session helps you to list your emotions, actions, dreams and what your are grateful for, and give you the chance to accomplish one the your goals during the session.

Mood Tracking & Videos

Graph that describe your emotions that help you to understand yourself.and discover a pattern. Be reminded, evolve, and share the leading thoughts of emotional intelligence. Surround yourself with influence and get out of your head.

Technologies Used

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