Web Application Development
Create A Revolutionary Product, Scale Existing Ideas Across The Enterprise, Or Integrate Efficiencies Into Your Process.
Web Application Development
Create A Revolutionary Product, Scale Existing Ideas Across The Enterprise, Or Integrate Efficiencies Into Your Process.
Web Application Development
Create a revolutionary product, scale existing ideas across the enterprise, or integrate efficiencies into your process.
Execute Your Strategy with 
our Flexible Engagement Model
You want to execute on your strategy but your hands are tied with current project schedules and no resource availability. With our flexible engagement models you can choose to either have us estimate, build and deliver the project, or have some of our senior development staff work directly on your team and help with your existing projects and deadlines, either way we are flexible and fully transparent.

Our teams’ experience over projects in the startup and enterprise worlds and our constant learning spirit provide the opportunity to adopt latest technologies and to share the results back with our partners. The results are often invigorating to the companies we work with.
We started working with Capella by outsourcing a project to them. We were very impressed with the work and we had other projects in the pipline, so we wanted to workout something for the long term. We decided to get the same developers through the direct staffing model, now our team directly manages two senior developers and a tester at Capella.
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Build over an Infrastructure That 
Supports Mobile and Web Together
With Progressive Web Applications and Hybrid apps becoming more prevalent, not only would you be sharing the API layer between your apps, but you could also share up to 90% of the front-end code; a significant savings and a shorter time to market.
We wanted to release our app on all platforms. With the help of Capella's expertise we got a Progressive Web Application, iOS, and an Android app; all in one shot!
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Work Examples & Case Studies

Building a Telecom MVNO Retail & Self Service Ecommerce
Shop, Activate, and Manage Cell Phone Plans
Ztarmobile is an MVNO wholesaler and services provider for brick and mortar wireless brands. They were looking to digitally transform their operation into a full-service web store. Capella worked with Ztarmobile to create Hero Mobile, an online one-stop shop for buying wireless phone service, activation, billing, refilling, and managing it online.
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Digitization of Field Reports For a Construction Company
Construction Field Daily Report Application
A Houston based construction company had a process to capture daily reports about their project's status on paper. The reports were filled in by the superintendents and were sent back to the office for filing. Information for the reports was difficult to keep track of, and the company had difficulty taking action on any data that was captured because it was offline. The process was a clear candidate to be digitalized for the numerous cost-savings and improvements to the management.
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Technologies Used

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