"Your goal for efficient delivery is what we are all about. If you leverage any form of data you should see how we have transformed the landscape for companies like yours."
Rasheed Rabata

A Distinguished Service

Quality Focused

We appreciate and understand the importance of quality in the work we do. Starting with designs to building fine application code, quality is number one on our list.

Effective Innovation

We are guided by the value we create and our design first process towards engineering is geared to reduce cost and risk. Through creative problem solving, experienced management, and effective communication we have been able to produce value with very little risk for our clients.

Reliable Delivery

Our experience in  30+ projects in the past five years allow us to guide software development and foresee issues before they happen.

Services We Perform

Data Management
UX/UI Design
Agile Project
QA/ Automated
Web & Mobile


We strive to build habits within the company that become futures by process of repetition. Virtues are those habits which are become expertly Performed.

We encourage the speculative intellectual virtues of wisdom, science, and understanding.


Our mission is to provide our clients the best data centric low code solution available in the market.


Our vision is to be leading low code data platform for any company wit a data solution need.


Clients results are what matter. We stay focused on your business goals to deliver
value faster with high performance low code software.

Our Founding

Our founding is a story that starts with real industry experience. Before we were Capella, we served global clients as independent contractors to prove our idea of putting powerful low code frameworks in the hands of teams that need to move quickly had merit. It did.

Software development starts with serving others. Capella was founded on foundation that top tier service combined with exceptional technology is what makes the grade for most companies, not one or the other. When you give the best, most passionate people the best possible tools amazing results will follow.

We help you build data driven apps, workflows, and data management reporting tools rapidly, with low-code automation platform. We put the best people and technology together to drive massive business results.

Capella is recognized as a global leader in enterprise data technology markets, including low-code app development, digital transformation, process automation and relational data mapping.

Our passion is transforming complex data problems into business applications that deliver massive value.

Rasheed Rabata

Powerful Unified Platform

Transform your business in the fastest way possible without sacrificing performance.

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