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Manufacturing firms often have long, complicated value chains with plenty of moving parts. Manufacturers work closely with suppliers of manufacturing tools, raw materials, and components, as well as with regulators and distributors. Each connection in the chain produces data, which must be discoverable, informative, and transferable.

Benefits you get with Capella

Manufacturers often have the data they need. But it must be managed and governed quickly to support data-driven business, which is where Capella comes into the picture.

Build stronger relationships with your suppliers.
Complete supplier data, including contract information, help construct a 360° perspective of your supplier network. This helps monitor expenditures, supplier performance, SLAs, contact details, compliance, and solvency. Integrating MDM with third-party validation sources assures updated supplier data. MDM allows suppliers to easily upload product information, saving time rekeying, transcribing, and checking data.
Speed up the transition to Industry 4.0
Smart manufacturing may promote new business models and improve operational efficiency using IoT and linking assets. An MDM may define how physical and digital assets might be connected in functional connections or as part of an SLA that monitors performance. MDM enables firms to gather, verify, and sanitize asset data and transition from reactive to predictive and preventive asset maintenance.
Being more customer-focused
Customers want you to anticipate their needs, deliver automated customer support, connect digitally with their supply chain and give richer, more transparent information about your goods and services. Multidomain MDM like Capella guarantees business-critical data is dependable, such as customer and product data that automates ERP procurement, builds a 360° customer perspective for a CRM, and drives improved decision-making for customer analytics.
Sustainability objectives
With consumers, regulators, investors, and governments focusing on sustainability, manufacturing businesses must create sustainability targets. They must know their suppliers' sustainability, including decreased carbon footprint, new manufacturing and packaging techniques, and raw material procurement. Multidomain master data management adds sourcing, sustainability, and environmental impact measurements to product information.
Following federal regulations
An MDM solution makes it simpler to maintain compliance with directives and laws, including Proposition 65, REACH, RoHS, and the Conflict Minerals Legislation. Data governance features included in MDM may help you prepare data for compliance.
Data integration helps internal and external cooperation.
Every department may access the same trustworthy data by consolidating master data in a single hub that interfaces with business-critical apps. Improves cooperation, audit trails, and duplicate checks. An open, technology-agnostic multidomain MDM may integrate with digital asset management systems, translators, analytics tools, external data validation sources, ERPs, CRMs, and retail channels.

Capella helps you

Accelerate digital transformation
Innovate with new business models, products, and services
Enhance the customer experience and engagement
Achieve sustainability goals
Achieve greater supply chain agility and resilience
Reduce the cost of data management
Increase accuracy of demand forecasting
Automate business
Increase availability of reliable business analytics

What Customers Say

We rely on Capella like we rely on our own team members. Their sense of ownership and drive to exceed expectations always excites stake-holders at our demos.

Eric Platow
Senior Director - Data Science

Capella brings a lot of application development expertise to the table. They are truly committed to the success of the company and work closely with our team.

Kevin Haddad
Owner & CEO

We continue to be impressed by what Capella has to offer. Their knowledge of both web development and data engineering have helped us shape and get products for our customers faster.

Felipe Saldana
Senior Developer

A single, scalable platform that integrates and maintains master data across ALL data domains – goods, customers, locations, suppliers, assets, and personnel — to deliver a complete on-demand picture of your company and operational units.

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