Streamlined Elasticsearch Deployment and Optimization

Integrate, analyze, and manage your data at scale with our Elasticsearch solutions—crafted for clarity, speed, and efficiency

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We know Elasticsearch inside and out. That's why industry leaders rely on us to make the most of their search and analysis tools.

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Your Data Search Struggles, Solved

Legacy Infrastructure Challenges
Break free from the limitations of legacy systems without compromising data integrity. We'll help you modernize your data architecture while ensuring a smooth migration.
Disparate Data Unification
Seamlessly integrate and analyze structured and unstructured data from diverse sources. Capella's Elasticsearch solutions unify your data landscape, enabling powerful insights.
Elasticsearch Cost Optimization
Get the power of Elasticsearch at a fraction of the cost of alternatives like Datadog. Our optimized deployments and expert tuning keep your costs low as you scale.

How we Do It

Our approach to setting you up with Elasticsearch is as personalized as your own data needs.

Assess and Plan Migration
Our Elasticsearch consultants work closely with your team to understand your data landscape, use cases, and goals. We develop a comprehensive plan tailored to your unique needs.
Execute Elasticsearch Deployment
Capella handles the complex setup and integration of Elasticsearch and key tools like Logstash, Kibana, and APM. We ensure a seamless deployment optimized for your environment.
Validate and Optimize
Rigorous post-deployment testing and validation ensures data accuracy and system performance. We continue to optimize your Elasticsearch cluster for peak performance and cost-efficiency.

What You Get?

Lightning-Fast Search & Analytics
Enable sub-second query response times on massive structured and unstructured datasets
Streamlined Data Pipeline
Logstash and Beats enable automated data ingestion from any source for real-time analytics
Elastic Stack Experts
Certified Elasticsearch consultants optimize your deployment for performance, resilience and scale


Everything you need to know about the product

What is the typical timeline for an Elasticsearch migration project?

Timelines vary based on data volume and complexity, but most projects are completed in 4-12 weeks. We work efficiently to minimize disruption and accelerate time-to-value.

How do you ensure high availability and optimize Elasticsearch performance?

Ensure high availability and optimize Elasticsearch performance by using diverse nodes with replication, automatic recovery, and regular monitoring. Optimize shard allocation, resource management, query efficiency, and caching. Scale horizontally by adding nodes or vertically by increasing node resources to handle increased loads.

What advanced Elasticsearch use cases do you support?

We support advanced Elasticsearch use cases such as real-time analytics, log analysis, full-text and geospatial search, anomaly detection, recommendation systems, and content classification. It's also used for application monitoring, security analytics, and data visualization through Kibana integration.

What post-migration support and optimization do you provide?

We provide post-migration support and optimization services, including cluster fine-tuning, issue resolution, ongoing monitoring, and maintenance. We optimize indexing, querying strategies, and assist with scaling, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing Elasticsearch benefits for your organization.