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For making strategic changes, you need a reliable and adaptable team to make those happen. Our combination of low code platform, industry experience, and cohesive technical teams of software and AI engineering can help you achieve that confidently.

The building blocks to power your solutions further.

Components like reporting, AI, forms, access control, and workflow building blocks give you power to rewire processes faster and to adapt to an ever changing landscape.

A cohesive AI digital transformation team that extends yours.

Engage with an agile digital transformation team that is well rounded with software and product development skills. Plan, Execute, and Deliver Faster in a Changing World.

Our Guiding Principles

Ultra Focus on Value Creation

We value quality work and smart work that creates results. This means that we want to understand the end result and think with you. This also means that we have to be as lean as possible while being effective.   Our capability in specific industries and our design first process is geared towards maximizing value and reducing cost and risk.

Build Reusable Blocks

Our highly experienced developers, product managers, and consultants have built an enterprise data solution with that motto. The time-savings are immense. We build technology components and infrastructure so our focus on projects is directed on immediate value creation.

From Our Customers

We rely on Capella like we rely on our own team members. Their sense of ownership and drive to exceed expectations always excites stake-holders at our demos.

Eric Platow
Senior Director - Data Science

Capella brings a lot of application development expertise to the table. They are truly committed to the success of the company and work closely with our team.

Kevin Haddad
Owner & CEO

We continue to be impressed by what Capella has to offer. Their knowledge of both web development and data engineering have helped us shape and get products for our customers faster.

Felipe Saldana
Senior Developer

The Platform to Confidently Deliver Business Software

Higher Quality Solutions
10x Faster to Complete
Lower Cost of Ownership
Take the first step towards unlocking the potential of AI for your business.

Evaluate Your AI Readiness

Capella’s AI Readiness Assessment is a quick and straightforward tool designed to help you understand your organization's preparedness for AI adoption. In less than two minutes, answer a set of multiple-choice questions across key categories to receive a score reflecting your readiness.

Hundreds of Projects Completed

Be the reason your organization leads your field for decades to come 

Enable data-driven innovation, automation,
and fresh opportunities for your business.

With less hassle and more growth
let Capella do the heavy lifting for you

Ready to see what Capella can do for you?

Unlock The Value of Your Data

Unify Data So you Can Move Faster

The value of data is exponentially higher when the multiple sources of data are well integrated. With one source of data, everyone can access real-time insights to make sound decisions.
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Leverage AI in Your Processes

Processes across applications without integration are notorious for being broken. One application to the next, data should flow automatically. AI expands your team's ability to perform their tasks.
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Improve Data Quality And Gain Trust

Master your data, eliminate duplicates and increase trust in the data and decisions you make.
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Self-service Discovery

Companies where employees can answer 80% of questions self service are far faster at execution than companies that use ad-hoc reporting.
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Make Data Driven Decisions

Auto generate deep analytical reports using AI to help you answer complicated questions and provide actionable recommendations to optimise the business.
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Operationalize Data And Insight

The ability to have trusted data and analytics right into systems you are using like your CRM or ERP allows your team to view insights right where they need them.
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