Engage your data to engage your customers

We are here to help you collect, cleanse and integrate your data in one place. Capella's approach's extended value will be noticeable, measurable. and profitable. A dedicated data partner for manufacturing companies in the energy, telecom, medical, and other industrial sectors.

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Build a better customer experience with data

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. That's why it's so important to understand them and to be able to give them what they need. With Capella, you can gain insight into your customers' behaviors and needs—and apply those insights to your core offering. You can personalize their experience with your product or service, create new offerings that appeal to their needs and strengthen your relationships with them.

The combination of service and platform to deliver data products faster, better.

Ultra fast low-code data platform
Top Data Engineering Talent
Best of Breed Modern Integration Stack

Turn insights into actions

Apply analytics and recommendations from your data to your customers and strengthen your core offering.

Recommendation engine

Focus on creating models, not adhoc requests. One model can answer hundreds of adhoc requests. When your data analysts are busy responding to requests your team is not making progress on building the models that unlock business values..

Better decisions

Anticipate what your customers will want in the future, which helps you stay ahead of the curve regarding their needs.

What Customers Say

We rely on Capella like we rely on our own team members. Their sense of ownership and drive to exceed expectations always excites stake-holders at our demos.

Eric Platow
Senior Director - Data Science

Capella brings a lot of application development expertise to the table. They are truly committed to the success of the company and work closely with our team.

Kevin Haddad
Owner & CEO

We continue to be impressed by what Capella has to offer. Their knowledge of both web development and data engineering have helped us shape and get products for our customers faster.

Felipe Saldana
Senior Developer

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