What Can You Do With A Customer 360 Solution ?

Use integrated customer data to segment and develop better strategies that precisely match your customer’s categorization.
Instead of going into multiple different systems to get answers, customer data from your different internal systems and applications will be available in one place on our platform, giving you real-time access and insight anytime.

A single source of truth means less confusion.
Drive revenue with new or high-value customer offers based on a deep insight into their history and various interactions with your company.
Provides the context and information needed to offer the right products and services

Sales processes are already complicated, getting the right customer data at the right time shouldn't be complicated.

What is a Customer 360 Solution?

A 360-degree view of your customer is a single source of truth for your customer information, providing a comprehensive picture of each customer.
With a robust view of the customer in your CRM, you get real-time access to insights that empower your sales and customer service teams to engage customers instead of being reactive proactively. Furthermore that centralized data helps create proactive insights.

For example,  your sales team can get notified based on specific customer activity or purchase history to engage with your customer at the right time or if they usually make certain purchases but then stop abruptly.

Deliver Insight and Information to Your Sales, Operations, and Customer Support Teams.

Give each customer their own personal agent

Offer real-time support, with data at every turn

Get all your products and services into one interface

Offer personalized recommendations and special offers

What Customers Say

We wanted to release our app on all platforms. With the help of Capella's expertise we got a Progressive Web Application, iOS, and an Android app; all in one shot!

Michel Mcconnel
Lead UX Designer @ Google

Capella is a great partner and brings a lot of application development expertise to the table. They are truly committed to the success of the company and work closely with our team.

Kevin Haddad
Owner & CEO

We have a long - term software strategy for patient care. Capella Solutions has been an ideal partner because the team offers a diverse range of skills that crosses a range of platforms.

Jon Lindgren
CEO of Recovery Networks

Capella continues to help us innovate, their knowledge of different technologies, specially search discovery and data analytics have helped us shape products for our customers, faster, better

Felipe Saldana
-Senior Developer

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