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Oil and Gas companies need to manage complex projects with precision, and Capella's MDM has all the tools you need.

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With Capella's master data management, you can construct a centralized repository for all domains, including customers, workers, suppliers, assets, locations, materials, goods, legal entities, bank accounts, and more. Everyone works to maintain the accuracy and consistency of master and reference data. Because these assets are vital to you, Capella offers several distribution and integration options.

Challenges you face

No consolidated view of master data entities across the enterprise.
Multiple processes and systems; often leading to duplicate master data.
Poor visibility into spend data and inefficient spend analytics.
Legacy systems and processes lacking aggregation capabilities.
Long cycle times to setup master data and low visibility of data, leading to financial and legal issues.

Benefits you get with Capella

Master data management (MDM) has several advantages when used wisely.

You can prevent equipment and pipeline breakdowns by having a complete picture of the assets and the environment. If such difficulties arise, subject matter experts can minimize the issues more quickly if they have all the necessary data and context.
By leveraging MDM as the source of the project, product, vendor, and employee data across the whole new product development lifecycle, your R&D teams can offer new products and services more quickly.
Using MDM's consolidated product view, you may obtain up-to-date, reliable information about your supply chain and improve it. You may enhance resource forecasts and customer service with this data.
You can reduce the time between insight and action by enabling business users to immediately access, manage, and visually engage with your master data. Additionally, MDM streamlines and expedites data integration so you can create insights more quickly.
Comprehensive and centralized master data streamlines compliance reporting and lowers related expenses and fines.

What Customers Say

We rely on Capella like we rely on our own team members. Their sense of ownership and drive to exceed expectations always excites stake-holders at our demos.

Eric Platow
Senior Director - Data Science

Capella brings a lot of application development expertise to the table. They are truly committed to the success of the company and work closely with our team.

Kevin Haddad
Owner & CEO

We continue to be impressed by what Capella has to offer. Their knowledge of both web development and data engineering have helped us shape and get products for our customers faster.

Felipe Saldana
Senior Developer

Improve your company's digital performance with a flexible, reliable information management solution that helps you meet the safety and regulatory requirements of the oil and gas industry.

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