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Pushing data back into systems like your CRM or marketing automation tools allows you to have the right data when and where you need it.

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Get Better Insights and Improve Your Construction Operations

Streamline Your Construction Operations with Capella's Unified Data Platform. Get a Single Source of Truth Across Departments and Optimize Your Resources for Maximum Efficiency!

Challenges in the Construction Industry that Capella's Unified Data Platform Can Address

Data silos: Construction companies often have data silos across various departments, such as project management, accounting, and scheduling.
Project management: Construction projects can be complex and involve multiple stakeholders, which can lead to project delays and cost  overruns.
Resource management: Construction companies need to manage resources, such as labor and equipment, efficiently to stay profitable.
Safety and compliance: Construction companies need to ensure that their operations are safe and compliant with regulations such as OSHA.
Competitive pressures: The construction industry is highly competitive, and companies need to stay ahead of the competition to win bids and stay  profitable.

Building Smarter with Capella

Four Ways Our Data Platform Enhances Construction Operations

Increased project efficiency through data-driven insights
Capella's data platform provides insights into project performance, helping construction executives and managers make data-driven decisions.
Reduced costs through identification of inefficiencies
Capella's data platform identifies areas of inefficiency, enabling construction executives and managers to reduce costs while maintaining  quality.
Enhanced security and regulatory compliance for construction data
Capella's data platform provides secure storage and management of  construction data, ensuring compliance with regulations.
Streamlined resource management, including labor and equipment
Capella's data platform provides insights into resource usage and availability, improving resource management and overall project efficiency.

Cut 90% of the time needed to prepare weekly reports by aggregating data from multiple platforms.

Better time to market
Improve time to market by having the right data when you need it
Cost advantage
Reduce costs associated with unplanned downtime
Real time insights
Get real-time insights into your systems, processes, and people
Customer Satisfaction
Improve customer satisfaction by being able to personalize interactions

What Customers Say

We rely on Capella like we rely on our own team members. Their sense of ownership and drive to exceed expectations always excites stake-holders at our demos.

Eric Platow
Senior Director - Data Science

Capella brings a lot of application development expertise to the table. They are truly committed to the success of the company and work closely with our team.

Kevin Haddad
Owner & CEO

We continue to be impressed by what Capella has to offer. Their knowledge of both web development and data engineering have helped us shape and get products for our customers faster.

Felipe Saldana
Senior Developer

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