Create, Explore, Analyze, and Operationalize Data With Ease

Capella offers a unified data platform that empowers users to collect and consume data where they need to. Capella makes it easy to build interactive data solutions that work with existing apps and cloud.

Easy to use

Powerful, ultrafast self -serve analytics  that makes data analysis easy

Open & Extensible

Build limitless data products  that are open ended without fear of lock-in.


Realtime & a read/write store serve to help you act on the data & run operations

Explore the features our customers love

Data discovery at your fingertips

Capella is ultrafast and easy to use, making it possible for anyone to perform analysis on the fly. Turn your data into actionable insights in real time.

Run sophisticated queries on structured or unstructured data.

Capella gives you the power to discover insights in seconds.

Collect data from any source

Capella allows the collection of data from your existing databases or cloud sources in realtime.

Use prebuilt plugins and connectors or we can configure one for you.

Creating new data stores is also a breeze. Minimize time spent configuring forms, workflows and routing data.

Safe, secure & enterprise-ready

Capella  solves the problems of security and access. It allows you to have flexibility in configuration, authentication and authorization (RBAC/ Permission management).

With Capella, you can easily create secure access points for your users. The platform provides comprehensive security features such as encryption, multi-factor authentication and robust permissions management.

Capella allows you to better protect your sensitive data, control access based on role and manage users.

More than analytics, take action and operationalize insight

Capella allows you to build data products with unlimited functionality. The platform allows bi-directional read/write operations in realtime and the SDKS are open ended and customizable.  With low-code functionality and open-box implementation, the platform is built for the unbounded data product.

The Path to Unlocking Data Value
Starts Here

Eliminate Data Silos

Data is difficult to manage when it is spread across multiple sources. The value of data is exponentially higher when the multiple sources of data are well integrated. Our platform will help with creating your data hub.

Improve Data Quality

Automatically cleanse, refine, match and enrich your data, gain more insights with ease and get immediate answers.Make better decisions with trusted, consistent data.

Self Service Discovery

With Capella, data is available across all your functions. You can ask your questions immediately, and measure the impact of your decisions much faster. By using Capella you can be 10X faster in your responses.

Client Portals

Keep customers informed of what they need to do next - create a virtuous cycle between curation and analytics. Tell a better story and drive a more compelling experience for your customers, who will thank you with their loyalty.

Customer 360 Views

Get the ability to integrate customer data across applications to deliver personalized and contextual interactions with your customers. Make data-driven decisions and grow revenue faster by focusing on your most valuable customers.

Process Automation

Gain insights from your new data at scale, without having to wait for it to be processed by IT. Spend less time handling data and cleaning up data. Get your report faster and get best results.

What makes Capella different

A low-code data platform that gives you

High Productivity
Reduced Maintenance
Shorter Development Time
Lower Costs
Better Security

Technologies Used

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