Deploy powerful applications in weeks, not months

Stop wrestling with UI libraries, data sources, and access controls. Capitalize on innovations such as AI and ML and start shipping products that move your business forward.

with less risk

To stay competitive, organization need to continually innovate, but this can be costly and risky. With Capella's building blocks and experience, organizations can boldly blaze new trials.

Unify data
to move faster

Our intelligent data models, reporting, and analytics give you the 360-degree view you need to be a decision-ready organization—while maintaining data security. Capella allows the collection of data from your existing databases or cloud sources in Realtime.

Rewire processes at the speed of business.

Calcified processes take weeks or months to change, making it hard for organizations to adapt. Our configurable frameworks allow you to adjust on the fly, while maintaining the durability and security of changes.

Enable operationalized insight and take action

Insight delivered at the right time can mean the difference between proactive and reactive response. Empower operational managers at every level with the tools to understand and act on insight.

Keep up to date with security and compliance

Capella continuously works on delivering innovation and security updates to it's platform. It allows you to have flexibility in configuration, authentication and authorization for Permission management.

Protect your sensitive data and control access based on roles and groups.

Unlock The Value of Your Data

Unify Data So you Can Move Faster

The value of data is exponentially higher when the multiple sources of data are well integrated. With one source of data, everyone can access real-time insights to make sound decisions.
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Leverage AI in Your Processes

Processes across applications without integration are notorious for being broken. One application to the next, data should flow automatically. AI expands your team's ability to perform their tasks.
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Improve Data Quality And Gain Trust

Master your data, eliminate duplicates and increase trust in the data and decisions you make.
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Self-service Discovery

Companies where employees can answer 80% of questions self service are far faster at execution than companies that use ad-hoc reporting.
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Make Data Driven Decisions

Auto generate deep analytical reports using AI to help you answer complicated questions and provide actionable recommendations to optimise the business.
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Operationalize Data And Insight

The ability to have trusted data and analytics right into systems you are using like your CRM or ERP allows your team to view insights right where they need them.
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What makes Capella different

The powerful combination of platform and digital specialists

High Productivity
Reduced Maintenance
Shorter Development Time
Lower Costs
Better Security

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