Digitization of Field Reports For a Construction Company


A Houston based construction company had a process to capture daily reports about their project's status on paper. The reports were filled in by the superintendents and were sent back to the office for filing. Information for the reports was difficult to keep track of, and the company had difficulty taking action on any data that was captured because it was offline. The process was a clear candidate to be digitalized for the numerous cost-savings and improvements to the management.


Construction Field Daily Report Application

Carefully reviewing the current process for capturing data from the field, the goals, and strategy the company is aiming to use, we worked together with the CIVE team to create a streamlined workflow between the office and the field. Operation managers and site super intendants can now manage the project with their tablets, capturing site photos, contractor's hours, tracking equipment and giving them the mobility and flexibility at the construction site.

Digitizing Is Not Just Replacing

Starting from the features and reports that the construction management team dreamed up we walked back to create the functionality and the data entry points. It is a common trap that digitizing a process involves just replacing paper with digital. Full transformation takes a rethinking of the process.

Labor Tracking, Equipment Tracking and More

The application allows the user to track labor per contractor company and enter in the hours that the company has put in. We've also built equipment tracking that records the number of hours a piece of equipment is at the site.

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