The quoting process can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and manual. Many companies rely on spreadsheets and send quotes to clients using email. This makes collaboration difficult and slows down the time it takes to reply to an RFQ.

Here’s how Capella will help you get the job done:

Manage every step of your quoting and contracting process seamlessly within Capella.

Fast, accurate quotes in minutes

Instead of spending hours on it, sales representatives can now provide tailored pricing quotations in minutes. In addition, they can close deals more quickly than ever, thanks to automated approval procedures and real-time CRM sync.

Simple, agile, and quick to deploy

With just a few clicks, you can create powerful quotes fast. Enterprise cloud configured solution is available for you to use almost immediately.
Capella is quick to set up and simple to use compared to other CPQ systems; all you need to do is enter your product data, set up your business rules, and start quoting.

Supercharge sales productivity.
Automate Quoting

Capella makes sure that discounts and prices are applied consistently across the company. Additionally, our zero-code technology allows you to modify prices when necessary effortlessly.

Why Businesses Love Automated Quoting

We wanted to release our app on all platforms. With the help of Capella's expertise we got a Progressive Web Application, iOS, and an Android app; all in one shot!

Michel Mcconnel
Lead UX Designer @ Google

Capella is a great partner and brings a lot of application development expertise to the table. They are truly committed to the success of the company and work closely with our team.

Kevin Haddad
Owner & CEO

We have a long - term software strategy for patient care. Capella Solutions has been an ideal partner because the team offers a diverse range of skills that crosses a range of platforms.

Jon Lindgren
CEO of Recovery Networks

Capella continues to help us innovate, their knowledge of different technologies, specially search discovery and data analytics have helped us shape products for our customers, faster, better

Felipe Saldana
-Senior Developer

Close More Deals with Capella

Manage every step of your quoting and contracting process seamlessly within Capella.

Create, Explore, Analyze, and Operationalize Data With Ease

Capella offers a unified data platform that empowers users to collect and consume data where they need to. Capella makes it easy to build interactive data solutions that work with existing apps and cloud.

Easy to use

Powerful, ultrafast self -serve analytics  that makes data analysis easy

Open & Extensible

Build limitless data products  that are open ended without fear of lock-in.


Realtime & a read/write store serve to help you act on the data & run operations

Discover Why Capella is the Right Data Partner for Your Organization

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